Data for Investors

Clinical need

In the case of Bile duct stenosis and strictures
resulting from cancer / injury / inflammation cholangitis / liver transplant or gallstones
there is an urgent need to restore  lumen patency and bile drainage
in order to prevent complications:
•Hepatic cysts
•Life-threatening infections
•Liver disease

Market size in USD (Millions)

1.25 million plastic stent procedures are performed annually globally.

Market Strategic Players & Collaborators

Endoscopic Biliary Stenting placement:
• is regarded as the 1st choice clinical treatment
•involves the use of many additional devices
•has an accumulated revenue value of over $3,000 per procedure.
Thus an endoscopic biliary stent is seen as a core strategic product for companies invested in the nonvascular stent market.

The ENDOGI Value Proposition


•Maintained & secured guidewire location
• Easy procedure steps & usability
• Saves time


• Larger overall stent diameter to facilitate drainage
• Reduced complication rate related to no. of cannulation attempts
• Reduced complication rate related to prolonged procedure time


• Substantial Cost Reduction
• More efficient system (enables more

Intellectual Property

Broad patents portfolio

Broad therapeutic area coverage:



Biliary & pancreatic stents


Ureteral stents

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