Executive summary


Bile or pancreatic duct stenosis, strictures and cysts, resulting from cancer, injury, inflammation cholangitis, liver transplant, or impaired ducts or gallstones.

In these cases there is an urgent need to restore lumen patency and bile drainage to prevent complications, such as:

  • Jaundice
  • Hepatic cysts
  • Life-threatening infections
  • Liver disease

Market size in
USD (Millions)

1.25 million plastic stent procedures are performed annually globally.

Market Strategic Players & Collaborators

Endoscopic biliary stenting placement:

  • Is regarded as the 1st choice in clinical treatment.
  • Involves the use of additional devices.
  • Has an accumulated revenue value of over $3,000 per procedure.

Thus, an endoscopic biliary stent is a core strategic product for companies investing in the nonvascular stent market.

The ENDOGI Value Proposition


• One-time guide wire placement
• No need to re-access after deploying the plastic stent
• Facilitates multiple stent deployment
• Simple procedure steps and usability
• Saves time


• Stent has a larger diameter to facilitate drainage
• Reduced complication rate owing to less cannulation attempts
• Reduced complication rate due to shorter procedure time


• Substantial cost reduction
• Increased efficiency enables less use of equipment
• Compatible with all guide wire sizes, and a 4.2mm working channel
• Consistent with standard guidelines and protocols


Broad patents portfolio

Broad therapeutic area coverage:



Biliary & pancreatic stents


Ureteral stents

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