About us

Endo GI Medical

An innovative Israeli company, privately-owned and backed by NGT3VC.

EndoGI develops systems for plastic stent delivery, enabling drainage of biliary and pancreatic ducts and cysts in one cannulation, while keeping the guide wire in position.

EndoGI’s state-of-the-art delivery systems can position one or more plastic stents in the common bile and hepatic ducts, while securing and maintaining access of the guide wire, after deploying the plastic stent with our proprietary detachable tip, guidewire remains lateral to the plastic stent.

EndoGI received two FDA marketing clearances-510 (k) and regulatory approvals for single and multiple stent delivery systems. We have also launched initial post regulatory approval clinical studies, First in human.

Easy to use

Reduces Complications

Less Time &
Procedural Steps

Fewer Risks

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